Grimase Vetta MOP PVA sklopivi, teleskopska ručka, obojeni metal

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Grimase Vetta mop PVA sklopivi, teleskopska ručka, obojeni metal 120 cm OPIS grimase za pranje poda koristi se za vlažno čišćenje iznutra.Teleskopska ručka omogućuje praktičnost u skladištenju i rukovanju, dužina može regulirati, zbog toga grimase dostavlja do svih teško dostupnih mjesta i isključuje mogućnost mehaničkog oštećenja poda.Tip kod grimase Marka VETTA tehničke karakteristike Materijal Metal veličina 120 cm

  • brend: VETTA
  • Podrijetlo: CN(porijeklo)


Springs Abuja | 2020-12-29

I brought a courier. Mop with pressing, all as in the picture.

5 / 5

Dolmatova25 | 2020-12-24

I never advise anyone to take this mop from the seller. The mop itself is flimsy, made of cheap materials. The mechanism of spinning leaves much to be desired, because. Practically does not press the sponge. About the quality of the sponge itself, you do not have to say-you will see everything in the photo (Stone came, finding half an hour in the water did not save the situation, after two swings the leads fell off. In general, money for the wind. Began the dispute, as a result of which Ali offered to return the goods. Ie. They really think I have time to walk around packing and returning, and if the seller does not accept the goods, he will return to me for my own account according to the rules. And it does not matter what your status is in the profile, platinum or diamond. For all time, I managed to win a normal dispute only for the non-working battery of the DJI drone. In general, Ali on the service and its quality was very high, but at prices increased.

1 / 5

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