Hilda laserski дальномер дальномер 100 m Finder Building Mjera linija laser trake range device rulerfinder graditi po mjeri

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-60 kuna. kad bi od 500 do 100 kuna. kad bi od 1000 -200 hrk prilikom заказк -300 iz 2000 kuna. kad bi od 3750 -600 kuna. kad bi od 7500 -900 kuna. kad bi od 11250 -1200 kuna. kad bi od 15000

  • Točnost Mjerenja: 0,001 m
  • Funkcija: дальномер
  • Vrsta Hrane: Napaja Se Iz Baterije
  • Laser line: Laserski Дальномер
  • brend: Hilda
  • Mjehurić Razini: E-mail mjehurić razini
  • Broj Modela: HD100M
  • Veličina: 17*14.5*4mm
  • Podrijetlo: CN(porijeklo)


Angelcurl 22 | 2020-11-08

Great store. The seller answers immediately. The parcel is well packed and sealed from moisture. Good quality plastic case .. The description fully corresponds to the device. Checked the accuracy, the testimony is fully consistent. There is a function when changing shapes of different types-with fixing measurements. Recommend.

5 / 5

Tdobroslr Mat1985xb | 2020-10-13

Excellent goods, the seller delivered quickly. The product fully corresponds to the description. Very good range finder. Easy to use, small size and weight. After installing 2 AAA batteries, the device is ready to work. Recommended!

5 / 5

Nastia Af | 2020-12-19

Satisfied is not a bad range meter! Although there is nothing to compare! In dark time it is very easy to measure on the street, but most importantly, so that the hands do not shake :) in the premises measure quickly even when it is light. Measured 102 meters, did not try further. Accuracy of measurement measured Yandex cards-very similar results. There is an opportunity to count the square and something else. There's memory. Comes without batteries. Came quickly delivery from Russia!

5 / 5

PINLGHT5 | 2020-11-29

Thank you super OCHIN biztra dastart 2 din Thank you seller

5 / 5

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